Welcome to SSESH

This collection of pages was created for current and prospective families seeking more information on our Montessori curriculum for students ages 15 months through eighth grade. Explore your level of interest or read on to learn about our continuum of education. Whatever the age of your student, they will be welcomed, accepted, known, and guided throughout their academic journey at SSESH. Please reach out to admission@ssesh.org with any questions; we are here to help.

In Montessori, in addition to getting a great academic education, students are more likely to become independent, self-motivated thinkers and self-advocates who have time management skills and tolerance for other people. They learn to treat others with respect, that they should be treated with respect by others, and how to have working relationships with adults. A person who can do these things can be successful in any high school or college.

My sons have thrived, are happy, and are educated. St. Stephen’s is a community that I have enjoyed being a part of and has given me memories of my children’s school days that I will cherish forever.