Episcopal Values

St. Stephen’s Episcopal School, Houston, is rooted in the values of the Episcopal faith – welcoming all people, compassion, integrity, and community service. We believe in making the world kinder and smarter by nurturing not only the academic growth of our students but also their moral and spiritual development.

Elevated Curriculum

St. Stephen’s embraces a continuum of education, where each developmental stage of the student is nurtured. Students ages 15 months through 8th grade are guided through the Montessori philosophy and pedagogy. St. Stephen’s is accredited by the American Montessori Society and the Southwestern Association of Episcopal Schools.

Holistic Development

Our curriculum is designed to cultivate not only academic excellence but also social, emotional, and physical well-being. Through specialist courses and the Bulldog 360 after-school enrichment program, St. Stephen’s provides a wide range of programs to activate the mind and body and to encourage the holistic development of each student.

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St. Stephen’s is currently accepting applications for admission for the 2024-25 academic year.

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Welcome to St. Stephen’s Episcopal School, Houston, a private school located in the Montrose area near the Museum District and Rice University. We are a progressive Episcopal school, rooted in our values, accepting families of all faiths, backgrounds, and lifestyles. 

Serving Students from 15 months old through 8th grade

St. Stephen’s offers Kindergarten through 8th-grade students individualized work plans featuring hands-on, project-based learning founded on Montessori pedagogy and STEM in our makerspace – the da Vinci Lab for Creative Arts & Sciences.

Our core curriculum is enriched with vibrant classes in robotics, da Vinci Classroom, film, fine arts, music, P.E., and Spanish. The Bulldog 360 program features an array of curated and age-appropriate courses after the school day.

In our mixed-age classrooms, students take on roles as both mentees and mentors, learning from each other as well as from their experienced, Montessori-certified teachers. 

Our Core Values

At St. Stephen’s Episcopal School, Houston, we are grounded in our Core Values of affirming individuality, practicing service, questioning everything, building relationships, and cherishing the future. We create a space where students are intrinsically motivated to succeed and can fail in a safe environment, where all are welcome, and where inquiry takes flight in the classroom, in the community, and in Chapel. At St. Stephen’s, we believe. 

Learn More

We invite you to take a look through our website, to learn more About Us and our Curriculum. Take a moment to explore how we teach Math and Language Arts. You may also be interested in our Extended Care program and our after school enrichment program, Bulldog 360. Should you have any questions, please reach out to: admission@ssesh.org

The teachers and staff create a learning environment that fosters creativity, scholarly inquiry and independence in line with the Montessori method but with flexibility when needed. Teachers are readily available, transparent in communication, and are always happy to explain their rationale for different learning experiences so parents can learn alongside the students. Our daughter comes home from school every day excited to tell us about the new facts she has learned or the silly way her teacher introduced an important concept. It has been wonderful to see our child gain confidence in expressing herself and cultivate close friendships during her time here. The St. Stephen’s community at large is a source of support for the whole family and promotes values of exploration, citizenship, and teamwork, which has been great for all of us. I highly recommend this school!

Jen S.

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