Annual Fund

We strive for 100% participation from current families, faculty, staff, and board members. Every gift is important. Collectively they make an enormous difference at our school. Annual Fund provides resources to the school that tuition alone can not cover.

The St. Stephen’s Annual Fund provides unrestricted funds to the school.  Because the funds are unrestricted, the Annual Fund supports a multitude of activities at every grade level and area from Orientation through 8th grade. These resources help every child learn and grow to their full potential.

Will You be a Difference Maker?

Did you know that St. Stephen’s spends about $1,200 per student above and beyond tuition on enhancements and upgrades every year? These enhancements touch every student and every classroom and take our school from good to great.

We fund these difference makers with charitable contributions to the Annual Fund, foundation grants, and other support.

Our giving Leadership Circles encourage donation at the Friends of St. Stephen’s level and above. Starting with the Bulldog Circle, donors will enjoy special recognition.

We invite all school families to consider a leadership contribution of $1,200 to be a difference maker and build a legacy at St. Stephen’s Episcopal School.

    Did You Know?

    • The school is a 501(c)(3) organization. Your donation is tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.
    • Corporate matches can double your gift – see if your company matches employee giving.
    • If you have questions or need assistance with your gift or pledge, please contact the Accounting Department by email or phone 713.821.9163

    What Initiatives does the Annual Fund support?

    • Classroom Materials: Supplying classrooms with new materials, equipment, and technology
    • Faculty Development: Providing staff development opportunities and certification for our dedicated faculty
    • Financial Aid: Providing scholarships to qualified students to ensure St. Stephen’s maintains a vibrant and diverse student culture
    • Fine Arts: Enriching the arts programs, including theater productions, classroom music programs, and visiting artists
    • Enhanced Learning Opportunities: Taking students outside the classroom to engage with our city, field trips, after school programs, and Da Vinci Lab
    • Enhanced Play Areas: Integrating physical activity throughout the day with indoor and outdoor play areas, games, and after school sports
    • Reserves: Ensuring funds for building maintenance
    • Technology: iPads, Chromebooks, Laptops, and IT infrastructure, including WiFi upgrades, for learning

    Give or Pledge Now

    • DONATE ONLINE: donate by credit card or by e-check (ACH)
    • PLEDGE ONLINE: all pledges must be paid by April of the current academic year
    • DONATE STOCK: Contact St. Stephen’s Accounting Department by email or phone 713.821.9163.
    • PAY BY CHECK: Make check payable to St. Stephen’s Episcopal School, 1800 Sul Ross, Houston, TX 77098.

    Giving Levels & Leadership Circles

    • St. Stephen’s Circle: $20,000+
    • Head of School: $7,500–$19,999
    • Principal Circle: $5,000–$7,499
    • Educator Circle: $2,500-$4,999
    • Bulldog Circle: $1,200–$2,499
    • Partners of St. Stephen’s: $500-$1,199
    • Friends of St. Stephen’s: Up to $499