2024-25 Enrollment @ SSESH

The Priority Re-Enrollment Period runs through February 14, 2024. Following this date, St. Stephen’s will invite new students to enroll for the 2024-25 academic year.

The first day of school of the 2024-25 academic year is August 13, 2024. 

Access the FACTS Family Portal

To complete our online re-enrollment process, you will access our Family Portal through your existing login. If you do not have a login, please scroll down and follow the Instructions for Creating a Family Portal Login.

To access FACTS Family Portal:

  • Please go to www.factsmgt.com
  • Select Family Log In from the menu bar and FACTS Family Portal from the drop-down menu.
  • Enter SSESH-TX into the District Code field.
  • Type in your username and password.  If you have forgotten your username, contact the SSESH IT Help Desk at 713-821-9122 to retrieve it. If you have forgotten your password, please click on the reset link provided.
  • After logging in, click on Apply/Enroll in the left menu.
  • Click on the Enrollment/Reenrollment link.

Our Online Enrollment system will open with a link to the enrollment packet for your student. Your information will be saved if you need to quit and come back later.

Instructions for Creating a FACTS Family Portal Login

  • Please go to www.factsmgt.com.
  • Select Family Log In from the menu bar and FACTS Family Portal from the drop-down menu.
  • Enter SSESH-TX into the District Code field.
  • After the FACTS Family Portal Login screen opens, please select Create New Family Portal Account.
  • Enter in the Email field the email address of the custodial parent. Enrollment responsibility is assigned by default to a custodial parent living at the same address as the student. The custodial mother living at the same address as the student is the first default. If no such custodial mother exists, the custodial father living at the same address is the second default.
  • Click the Create Account button.
  • You will receive an email from FACTS SIS Customer Support containing a link that will allow you to create your username and password. For security purposes, the link will remain active for 6 hours.
  • Please click on the link. A Change/Create Password screen will open. You may use the default username provided or create a new username. Then type in your desired password into the Password field and Confirm Field.
  • Click on the Save Username and/or Password button.
  • Close the window.
  • Log into FACTS Family Portal as instructed above.

Complete the Online Enrollment Forms

  • Please complete the Online Enrollment forms listed in the left menu, beginning with the Enrollee Information form. Feedback will be provided throughout the process to help you complete the enrollment packet. A yellow caution sign will appear in the menu next to forms that are missing required information. If a form contains all required information, a green check mark will appear next to the form’s menu item.
  • You can review the entire enrollment packet at any time by selecting the Enrollment Packet Review item on the left menu. From here, you will also be able to print a PDF of the enrollment packet in its current state.
  • As one of the final steps in the enrollment process, you will be redirected to the FACTS Financial section to select a tuition payment plan.
  • After you have completed the enrollment packet, a Submit Enrollment Packet and Make Payment form will appear. Please follow the instructions that will be provided to submit the enrollment packet along with the non-refundable deposit in the amount of $1,800. The deposit is non-refundable, but applied to tuition for the academic year specified in the Enrollment Agreement.


Thank you for your support and partnership. We look forward to serving your child in 2024-25.