Montessori Model United Nations is a year-long experience through which students interact globally to create solutions to real-world issues using the format of the United Nations. Students have the opportunity to interact with peers from many different countries and cultures of the world as they come together virtually to discuss issues facing them as global citizens. MMUN is a great way to enhance your child’s academic experience as it relates to geography, social studies, language arts, and much more. MUNN fosters a global perspective and supports our Montessori pedagogy of peace education in a very tangible way. Our SSESH MMUN team will research and represent a country in a culminating Model UN virtual experience in May.

Please note this course is a year-long commitment. Students must be available on the following dates for the MMUN virtual conference: April 28-30 and May 6-8.

Third graders are invited to participate in the course and will partner with an Upper Elementary student for the MMUN virtual conference. Third graders need not pay the MMUN fee for the virtual conference ($600).

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Course Instructor: Celia Hughes, Upper Elementary & Middle Years Lead Teacher