Classes begin with an age-appropriate class discussion (called a “Mat Chat”) about a variety of topics such as respect, courtesy, discipline, courage, integrity, responsibility and kindness. Then, we focus on building flexibility, strength and endurance as we teach and cover a mix of striking, kicking, Kata, self-defense scenario training and sparring application. Students will earn belts in class and can progress to Black Belt, and beyond. 

Course Instructor: Sensei Anthony Tupper, Master Martial Arts Instructor, Certified Personal Trainer & Fitness Coach, Tupper Martial Arts Academy (

Sensei Anthony Tupper began training in martial arts, under Sensei Rick Short, in 1998 to find confidence and learn how to deal with school bullying. He has over 18 years experience teaching children about self-defense and life. Currently, he is a 5th Degree Black Belt as well as a certified personal trainer, kickboxing instructor and fitness coach.